An Exploration of Garsington Village

Garsington – from the Old English Gærse-dun, meaning the Grassy Hill.

The village is mentioned twice in the Domesday Book:

Oxfordshire: IX. The land of St Mary of Abingdon

Gilbert holds of the abbot 7½ hides in Garsington. [There is] land for 6 ploughs. Now in desmesne [are] 2 ploughs and 2 slaves; and 6 villans with 9 bordars have 3 ploughs. There are 12 acres of meadow, [and] woodland 2 furlongs long and 1 broad. It was worth £4; now 100s. There is 1 hide of inland which has never paid geld lying dispersed among the king’s land.

Oxfordshire: XXXV. The land of Miles Crispin

Toli holds of Miles 1 hide in Garsington. [There is] land for 1 plough. He has this [plough] in desmesne, with 2 slaves and 3 bordars. It was and is worth 20s.

These translations are taken from Domesday Book: A Complete Translation London: Penguin Books (ISBN 0 14 100523 8).

So, where is Garsington?

Have a look on

Perhaps you prefer google maps. If so, try this link.

If you have followed either of these links you will see that we are just South-East of the city of Oxford, not far from the world-famous Mini factory.

Garsington was the original home of Garsington Opera. See here for further details on this season’s performances.

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