Village War Memorial

Set in the middle of the village, beside the main road, at the top of the Hill, lies our War Memorial.

It is a simple memorial to honour those villagers who died during both the Great War and World War II.

Apologies for the poor quality images: I will replace them with better ones when I am able.

Great War (1914 – 1919)

The general dedication on our memorial.

Notice the ending date – 1919 – rather than the more usual 1918. This is when the Treaty of Versailles was signed (actually on 28 June 1919).

The names of those who fell.

The Roll of Honour:

NameDate of deathAgeMemorial
Harold Clinkard25 Sep 191622Thiepval Memorial
Harold Thomas Druce04 Oct 191720
Harry Lionel Druce06 Jun 1918
William James Aaron Druce
Henry Hillsdon07 Aug 1917
John Henry Johnson
Leslie Charles Parsler
Thomas Sheppard
Frank Townsend09 Aug 191818
Frederick John Waine
Percival George Waine21 Dec 1915
William Richard Wheeler
Frederick Yeates16 May 191521
Richard Yeates06 Apr 191720Vadencourt British Cemetery, Maissemy

Some details are missing simply becuase I have not completed my research.

World War II (1939 – 1945)

The Roll of Honour:

NameDate of deathAgeMemorial
Philip Bowen Chennell
Nigel Arthur Gidney27 Jun 194223El Alamein War Cemetery
Royston Gomersall
Harry Goode
Thomas Martin Lowinsky
George Hubert Savins
Ronald Thurley
Frank Thomas Young

Some details are missing.

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